Site Development

Neel-Schaffer Civil Site engineers provide services to municipalities, real estate developers, architects, planners, industries, educational institutions, and contractors.

Neel-Schaffer’s engineers work as consultants and planners in the pre-development phases; as surveyors, engineers and technical consultants during the critical site design and permitting phases; and as the client’s representative on the project during the construction phase.

We can provide site development for projects small and large, from simple public parks to large-scale retail and industrial complexes such as the Renaissance at Colony Park in Ridgeland (MS) and the Nissan Automotive plant in Canton (MS).

We provide services for site development, grading and drainage plans, water and sewer utilities, roadway and traffic engineering, storm water management and pollution plans, detention basins, storm sewers, FEMA letter-of-way revisions, NEPA documentation, ingress and egress, and a myriad of regulatory approvals.

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