Seeking Synergy to Serve Our Clients

Providing the most appropriate team for each client is our goal.

Neel-Schaffer welcomes teaming opportunities where the combination of firms creates the synergy that is just right for the customer. Every project is different, and every opportunity is different and requires strengths that Neel-Schaffer can provide or use in conjunction with the right partner to build a better product.

Neel-Schaffer is continually looking for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise firms, Minority-Owned firms, and Women-Owned firms as partners on our contracts and projects.

To discuss teaming opportunities, please contact Joey Hudnall, the firm’s President and Chief Executive Officer.


Posted May 30, 2024

JACKSON, Miss. (May 30, 2024) –Neel-Schaffer, Inc., a leading consulting engineering and construction management firm, is pleased to announce the …