Our engineers and planners take special care and pride in ensuring that each project they have a hand in creating truly serves the communities in which our employees live, work, and play.

Special consideration is given during the design and construction of each project to the Triple Bottom Line (3BL) framework of social, environmental, and financial responsibility. This means applying sustainable design principles that don’t just focus on any one aspect of the 3BL, but instead look at the overall picture.

  • Will this project be environmental-friendly, now and in the future?
  • Will this project have a positive impact on the local economy?
  • Will this project improve the quality of life for the community?

An example of this practice is the first phase of the Capitol Street Renaissance project, completed by Neel-Schaffer in 2015. Using the ‘Complete Street’ concept, our engineers designed a complete reconstruction of the major corridor in downtown Jackson (MS).

Instead of a one-way thoroughfare designed to move office workers quickly out of downtown and off to the suburbs, Capitol Street is now a two-way street with narrower streets, wider sidewalks, traffic-calming roundabouts, and beautiful, environmentally friendly landscaping and pervious pavers.

The goal was to create a more pedestrian- and bike-friendly corridor, one that fosters a true ‘downtown’ atmosphere that will help the City of Jackson draw more residents, shops and restaurants.

Said Ben Allen, president of Downtown Jackson Partners: “The idea is to change the entire complexion and atmosphere of downtown, to make it a place where you want to be. We are creating a pedestrian-friendly environment that slows traffic down and is conducive to neighborhoods and businesses working together.”

“It will be an aesthetically beautiful project that will make you feel good while you’re here.”

Our engineers care about projects that solve problems, immediately improve the quality of life in the communities in which we live, and promise to be sustainable and long-lasting.

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