Employee Testimonials

“Looking for the right job was exhausting, and I started to lose hope. Nothing felt right. That was until I was introduced to Neel-Schaffer and met a few of the people in the Eastern Hydraulics and Hydrology group. I could tell everyone was passionate about the work they do and who they represent. It was so refreshing, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Growing engineering company? Check! Friendly people? Check! Diverse fields of study? Check! Everything meshed with what I had been searching for. Neel-Schaffer was the place I was looking for all along, and it was truly a blessing.”

Emma Bradford – Graduate Engineer

Chattanooga, TN – Joined Neel-Schaffer in 2024

“Neel-Schaffer was my No. 1 choice because the company reflects my interests and goals. Neel-Schaffer values diversity, community, and growth. After interning, I realized this company could help me advance my career to the next level.”

Justice Moran – Graduate Engineer

Jackson, MS – Joined Neel-Schaffer in 2021

“If you want to feel like a statistic, this company will not be a good fit for you. Neel-Schaffer has elected great leaders who value all employees and the reputation of the company. In my first year I had the chance to work in different parts of the state, and was given more freedom and responsibility than you may find in other companies. It’s exciting to think about how our work supports the community, and I know the future is bright for Neel-Schaffer.”

William Axson, PE - Civil Engineer

Columbia, SC - Joined Neel-Schaffer in 2017

“I have enjoyed working on a large variety of projects: Residential, commercial, industrial, and public. It is very satisfying to work as team to solve a difficult design problem. Since my start with Neel-Schaffer, I have experienced challenges in all types of projects, and our team has done an excellent job in meeting those challenges.”

Matt Keeney, PE - Structural Engineer

Birmingham, AL - Joined Neel-Schaffer in 2017

“I was working in another state and wanted to move home to Mississippi, and the Neel-Schaffer family welcomed me with open arms. Since my return, I’ve started a family and have been able to work on a variety of exciting projects for my hometown as well as others. Neel-Schaffer encourages growth through training and/or professional development for all employees. I look forward to many more challenges and opportunities as I continue my career with this great company.”

Richie Ashley, PE - Project Manager

Biloxi, MS - Joined Neel-Schaffer in 2008

“One thing that attracted me to Neel-Schaffer was the company’s excellent reputation among federal, state and local agencies, as well as among its peers. I am impressed by the level of expertise and the support from all the employees to ensure the success on various projects. From the start, I found there is a family atmosphere that desires the best for every member. I am looking forward to many years to come with such a great company.”

Michael Morris, PE - Senior Project Manager

Nashville, TN - Joined Neel-Schaffer in 2016

“When I joined Neel-Schaffer, I left a small firm to join a much larger staff. Making that move and leaving that comfort zone was not easy for me, but that challenge enabled me to grow as a professional and as a person. We have a diverse group of professionals with the expertise needed to handle all types of civil engineering projects, big or small. That team effort allows me to provide clients with a variety of services to satisfy needs.”

John Cunningham, PE - West Point Engineer Manager

West Point, MS - Joined Neel-Schaffer in 2007

“As I reflect on more than three decades with Neel-Schaffer, I find it rewarding to see how much the Neel-Schaffer family has grown. I started as Planning Intern in the Hattiesburg (MS) office as a student at the University of Southern Mississippi, and have watched us grow from a 40-person firm to a much larger one, providing a variety of professional services. One key to our success has been hiring and developing people with a strong sense of community, with a desire to provide quality work to clients we serve each day. Thank you, Neel-Schaffer, for allowing me to grow my career by moving my family to the Mississippi Gulf Coast in 1999.”

Craig High - Senior Planner

Biloxi, MS - Joined Neel-Schaffer in 1989

“I quickly realized Neel-Schaffer is everything I had hoped for in a workplace environment. Neel-Schaffer is very team oriented and committed to helping our community. The benefits are great and the employees are like family to me. As a mother of three, I am very grateful for Neel-Schaffer and its ability to accommodate employees when family time is needed. I plan to spend the rest of my career with my Neel-Schaffer family.”

Andrea Patt - Administrative Services Manager

Baton Rouge, LA - Joined Neel-Schaffer in 1999

“One thing I love about the Neel-Schaffer team is I get to work with many experienced professionals on  a variety of transportation projects, which is exactly what I hoped for when I started this job. I have gained so much valuable experience here. The office also provides flexibility for my work-life balance.”

Mai Nguyen, PE - Engineer

Baton Rouge, LA - Joined Neel-Schaffer in 2015

“When I joined Neel-Schaffer, I was excited by the prospect of working with a team of experienced and talented professionals. I can honestly say my expectations have been exceeded and I have been given the opportunity to grow as an engineer in ways that I could not have imagined. I have gained so much experience on the projects that I have worked on and I look forward to continuing to grow with Neel-Schaffer.”

Ellen Burke Howard, PE, PTOE - Engineer Manager

Baton Rouge, LA - Joined Neel-Schaffer in 2014

“In the 20-plus years I have been employed at Maptech, I have been afforded opportunities to further my professional career that I would not expect to have received at any other organization. These opportunities have provided me with the necessary experience and confidence to perform at a level greater than I could have ever imagined. God has blessed me and my family by being surrounded with individuals who work for an organization that encourages good sound family and professional values.”

Chris Pesnell, PS, CFedS - Maptech President

Pearl, MS - Joined Maptech in 2000

“My journey with Neel-Schaffer started nearly 30 years ago when I met Mr. Neel for the first time at Mississippi State University when he presented me with the Neel-Schaffer scholarship. I knew then I wanted to work for his company. I was offered the opportunity to join the Neel-Schaffer team in 1999 and have never regretted my decision. I have enjoyed working on a variety of transportation projects as well as expanded my network throughout the transportation community. Most importantly, I love the work atmosphere! Neel-Schaffer treats its employees like family and I’m truly blessed to be a part of this phenomenal family. I look forward to finishing out my career as a Transportation Engineer with this company.”

Theresa Carter, PE - Transportation Engineer

Birmingham, AL - Joined Neel-Schaffer in 1999

“Working for Neel-Schaffer has afforded me the opportunity to assist public and private clients in achieving their project goals. Neel-Schaffer helps the communities in which we live and work, and that do-the-right-thing attitude impressed me from the beginning. Though we are a for-profit company, emphasis is always given first to the public, client, and employee. Employee’s achievements are always appreciated and rewarded appropriately. I am glad that I made the choice to come work for Neel-Schaffer.”

Vijay Kunada, PE, PTP, PTOE - Transportation Planning Discipline Lead

Lafayette, LA - Joined Neel-Schaffer in 2006

“As a freshman in college with ambitions of becoming a math teacher, I took a part-time position with Neel-Schaffer in Laurel (MS) as an administrative assistant. After a few months working alongside a great group of engineers I was encouraged to pursue a degree in civil engineering. I was offered a position with Neel-Schaffer as an engineer intern in Columbus (MS) after completing my education. During more than 20 years with the firm, I have worked in three Neel-Schaffer locations, which has afforded me the opportunity to have several outstanding mentors. I have come full circle in that I now practice engineering and manage the office in Laurel, where it all started. Through college, marriage, starting a family and pursuing my career, Neel-Schaffer has been much more than just an employer.”

Mandy Hegwood, PE - Engineer Manager

Laurel, MS - Joined Neel-Schaffer in 1997

“I relocated to Mississippi from New Jersey, and the team at Neel-Schaffer could not have been more accommodating. They really went out of their way to help me feel like I was joining a new family, not leaving one behind. Working at Neel-Schaffer has been extremely rewarding and I look forward to the different challenges that land on my desk every day.”

Chris Trebisky, PE, PS, PP, LEED - Civil Engineer/Project Manager

Madison, MS - Joined Neel-Schaffer in 2012

“I came to Neel-Schaffer looking to diversify my workload. Since that time, I have been given opportunities to work on a wide variety of projects and to interact with many of our clients. I am thankful to my managers for continuously providing ways for me to obtain the training I need to do new tasks. They also generously support my continuing education and active participation in professional organizations. I truly appreciate all of the amazing opportunities that I have been given during my time at Neel-Schaffer!”

Becky Rogers, PE, PTP - Transportation Engineer

Birmingham, AL - Joined Neel-Schaffer in 2006

“During my time with Neel-Schaffer I have worked with many wonderful individuals who will go the extra mile to help you out. The thing that stands out the most for me is the willingness of our employees to give you a helping hand no matter which office they might be in. Many individuals – One team.”

Jorge D. Ferrer - CAD Manager

Maitland, FL – Joined Neel-Schaffer in 2009

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Working for Neel-Schaffer is not just a job. It’s a career – or even more than that: “One of the most valuable experiences while working here is feeling like part of a big family.”

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