West County Line Road Improvements


TIGER Grant-funded project will improve traffic capacity, safety

Neel-Schaffer was chosen by the City of Jackson to provide transportation planning design and construction engineering services to four-lane a three-quarter-mile segment of West County Line Road. The goal is to improve the traffic capacity, safety, and traffic flow efficiency on this urban arterial while providing an aesthetically pleasing corridor to promote growth and development in the area west of US 51.

The project realigns West County Line Road from Brown Street to US 51. The realigned West County Line Road is a four-lane divided highway with a raised median that includes a bridge over White Oak Creek. Approximately 6,300 feet of the Canadian National Railroad was relocated and now passes over the new West County Line Road alignment. The realigned railroad includes bridges over relocated West County Line Road, existing West County Line Road, and White Oak Creek. Existing grade crossings at Richmond Grove Road and Brown Street were closed. A two-lane curb and gutter connection will be made between the existing Guice Lane and Rand Street.

A two-lane curb and gutter connection (approximately one-half mile), to be known as Richmond Grove Road, will be made between the relocated section of West County Line Road and existing frontage road at the Mid-South Auto Auction facility. Utilities will be constructed along the realigned portion of West County Line Road, Richmond Grove Road and Rand/Guice St. Existing utilities will be relocated as required. A section of White Oak Creek is realigned and improved. A new traffic signal is operational at the West County Line Road intersection with the Tougaloo College entrance. Sidewalks, landscaping and street lighting are included.

Phase 1A, which was completed in 2009, included improvements to West County Line Road and Richmond Grove Road west of the CN railroad, which includes a roadway bridge over a realigned White Oak Creek, and the new traffic signal at Tougaloo College entrance. Phase 1A construction has been completed.

Phase 1B, which was initiated in 2016, was completed in November 2021. An $8 million TIGER Grant helped fund Phase 1B construction.

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