Neel-Schaffer has a long-standing tradition of providing sound, effective and innovative structural engineering services and solutions for a variety of projects. From the feasibility study phase through construction oversight process, Neel-Schaffer’s services are tailored to meet each client’s specific project and achieve the best results.

Neel-Schaffer’s expertise encompasses distinctive designs for unique situations and challenges. The staff at Neel-Schaffer takes into consideration time limits, budget constraints and aesthetics to provide for design and construction of each project.

We have a deep and talented pool of structural engineers working in offices across the South. They have experience in working with a wide array of bridges, from concrete to steel, from railroads to large-span interstate highways or new construction in urban settings.

We conduct bridge feasibility studies and inspections and provide bridge ratings. We are skilled in bridge rehabilitation and widening and shoring and falsework for construction.

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