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Led by Nelson Lucius, PE, True North’s services include disaster debris monitoring and management, safety, damage assessments, hazard mitigation, and emergency management planning, training, and exercises. The firm’s top priorities are client satisfaction, hiring local employees, and achieving full federal/state reimbursement. The firm is able to draw on the financial and personnel resources of parent company Neel-Schaffer Engineers and Planners, while providing emergency management services for clients across the country.

Neel-Schaffer was founded in 1983, and in 2010 it reorganized its emergency management activities into True North Emergency Management, to focus on emergency preparedness and response and better use the resources the company developed while providing disaster relief services to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the New Orleans area following one of our nation’s most devastating natural disasters, Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

In the time since Katrina struck, True North and Neel-Schaffer have provided recovery services across the country for disasters ranging from wildfires in California to flooding in Iowa, Colorado, Texas and Tennessee, to tornados in Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas, to hurricanes in Florida, Texas and South Carolina, to Super Storm Sandy in New York and New Jersey.

The employment of True North varies depending on the magnitude of disaster response in progress and often includes several hundred employees.

True North has a strong combination of local knowledge, emergency management experience and commitment to the community. Our strengths together give us the capability to effectively respond to emergencies whether small or catastrophic.

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