5.5-MG Ground Water Storage Tank Rehabilitation


Make-over includes structural modifications, safety improvements, new roof hatch and man-way repairs

Neel-Schaffer provided engineering design services for the rehabilitation of the 5.5-MG welded steel Stage Coach ground storage tank in the City of Fort Worth.

This project had structural modifications, including rafter repairs, minor pitting repairs, removal of the Cathodic protection system components, stairway safety modifications, railing safety modifications, addition of a roof hatch, replacement of a portion of the ladder, enlargement of a shell man-way, foundation repairs, anti-vortex device repairs, vent repairs, welding of bolted connections with replacement of bolts to remain, and shell man-way swing arm repairs.

In addition, site grading design was included to improve site drainage. Ladders, railings, hatches, and man-ways were analyzed and modified as for compliance with TCEQ and OSHA regulations as well as surface preparation and repainting the interior and exterior surfaces of the tower.

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