SRF Water System Improvements


Neel-Schaffer helps upgrade water system throughout City

As consulting engineers for the City of Laurel, MS, Neel-Schaffer prepared plans, specifications, and contract documents for the construction of water main improvements in over 27 locations throughout the City as part of two phases of SRF funding.

Neel-Schaffer performed a hydraulic analysis to determine the most efficient method of improving the potable water distribution system. Neel-Schaffer also worked closely with the City’s contract operator to analyze repair records and identify areas with significant repair costs. The project involved replacing small diameter lines and aged lines that were in poor condition. The areas affected were experiencing low water pressure due to inadequate line sizes and also deterioration of the pipes that were serving beyond their design life.

To correct these problems, small diameter pipes were replaced with appropriately sized pipes, and water main extensions were installed to connect together areas of the system to allow for proper water flow.

Phase I of the project consisted of approximately 29,000 LF of 6-, 8-, and 12-inch PVC, DI, and HDPE waterline. One hundred valves were installed to assist the City in isolating portions of the water system to ease operational concerns, and 32 fire hydrants were installed to fill in gaps within the existing fire protection program. Phase II of the project continued with over 40,000 LF of new 6- to 12-inch water mains, 70 new water valves, and 32 additional fire hydrants.

Phase I construction was completed in 2011 and Phase II was completed in 2015. Neel-Schaffer provided construction administration and resident project representatives during the construction phase of both projects.

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