Complete Communities Group

The Neel-Schaffer Complete Communities Group focuses on developing visions, funding strategies, and implementation.

Our multi-disciplinary group works together to view your projects from every angle, and then finding solutions that always keep the end user in mind.

Neel-Schaffer has an extensive pool of talented engineers, planners, geologists, and environmental services staffers across the company. By pulling some of them under the CCG umbrella, we provide a powerful combination of experience and ability to create a one-stop shopping experience to help you transform your town or city into a more liveable, walkable, connected community.

Our 15-member Complete Communities Group has a combined 300-plus years of experience, with each member providing valuable expertise in a selected area.

Services provided by Neel-Schaffer’s Complete Communities Group include:

Master Planning

Comprehensive Master Plans, Trail Master Plans, Sidewalk and Bikeway and Greenway Master Plans, Roadway Connectivity Plans, and Funding Strategies.

Neel-Schaffer’s multi-disciplined planning team assists clients with a wide range of planning and funding needs. From community planning to trails and greenways, our planning services are supported by our strengths in multi-modal transportation, allowing us to focus on access and improve connectivity, safety, and efficiency. Other specialized planning expertise includes Airport, Utilities, Stormwater, Solid Waste, and Telecommunications Planning services that help foster a “Complete Communities” outlook.

Redevelopment & Economic Development

Urban Design, Context-Sensitive Design, Brownfield Assessment and Redevelopment, Community Asset Identification and Visioning, Suburban Retrofitting, Economic Development and Funding Strategies.

Neel-Schaffer has an extensive record of supporting economic development and redevelopment projects. Many of our client communities are experiencing renewed interest in the historic character of their downtown areas and preserving unique features. Our planning team works to identify and showcase each city’s unique attributes to bring once-forgotten areas back to life while stimulating a colorful and vibrant community that draws new interest from residents and businesses.

Staff Spotlight: Patti Clare, AICP, is an award-winning Senior Planner with more than 30 years of experience. She has part of the National Working Group for Healthy Corridors Project since 2015.

Project Spotlights: Tuscaloosa Amphitheater  |  Chandeleur Brewery Brownfield

Complete Streets

Road Diets, Traffic Calming, Slow Streets, Vision Zero, Protected Bike Lanes, Safety Studies, Parking Studies, Parking Redevelopment.

Transportation is the backbone of community planning.  As a transportation-oriented firm, our Transportation and Traffic Engineers are experts when it comes to the latest traffic safety requirements and techniques.  Our Complete Streets team designs around the end user, incorporating expertise in bicycle/pedestrian safety, ADA compliance and best practices, landscape architecture and sustainability, and technology applications to support lighting and other enhancements. We take a multi-disciplined approach to Complete Street projects to ensure all aspects of the facility work in harmony.

Project Spotlight: Capitol Street Renaissance


Transit Planning with Multi-Modal, Smart Technologies, User Surveys, Stakeholder Coordination.

All communities need transit options to serve different rider needs. Neel-Schaffer strives to understand and consider current, future, and latent demands to strike an efficient balance while supporting growth opportunities. Transit planning considers the entire system for connectivity and user experience from the first to last mile.

Trails, Bikeways & Blueways

Master Planning, Trail and Bikeway Concept Development/Design/Engineering, Blueways, Intermodal Connectivity, Tailored Public Engagement Strategies.

From the top down, Neel-Schaffer engineers and planners are advocates for trails and bikeways.  Our President, Hibbett Neel, PE, and key staff have traveled throughout Europe to better understand bicycle and pedestrian cultures and gain insights for planning our communities to encourage and support this way of life.  We assist our clients to identify funding sources and develop grants-based master plans to increase funding success. In connecting our cities, we consider all modes of transportation to reduce congestion and improve quality of life for diverse user groups.

Project Spotlight: Jackson Museum Trail

School Access & Safety

School Security and Safety, Safe Routes to Schools, Stakeholder Coordination, Funding Strategies.

Safety and security in our schools is paramount for safe and healthy communities.  But the safety of our children doesn’t start at the door to the school. Neel-Schaffer engineers and planners have significant expertise in Safe Routes to Schools programs, having completed studies and design projects on hundreds of schools.  Our work to increase safe access to schools by allowing children to walk or ride their bikes has made a significant impact in our communities. We have assisted in obtaining funding and administering grant programs for many of our clients.

Staff Spotlight: Ginger Hoke, PLA, specializes in multi-modal master planning and has nearly 30 years of experience.

Safe & Healthy Communities

Recreation and Parks, Bicycle/Pedestrian-focused Design, Access, Safety, Sustainabilty, Flooding/Stormwater Planning and Engineering, Stakeholder Coordination, Funding Strategies.

Americans are valuing traditional, walkable communities more and more.  These communities generally offer a sense of security and a focus on health and family. The recreation industry has grown tremendously over the past decade to support these needs.  Current and prospective businesses and residents value parks and green spaces and use these as a tool to gauge both physical and economic health of a community.

The City of Hattiesburg, MS, is a great example of a Neel-Schaffer “Complete Community” exhibiting these characteristics.  For over 30 years, Neel-Schaffer has been one of the City’s go-to firms, allowing us to support the City in a wide range of areas with our projects having a direct impact on the City’s health and prosperity. 

Smart Cities/Technology Solutions

GIS, Drone Services, Telecommunications, Community Broadband, Technology Applications for Safer Transportation, and Lighting.

Neel-Schaffer embraces technology, and for over a decade, we have developed a dedicated Telecommunications and Technology team to bring robust telecommunications services to our clients and their customers.

Meeting telecommunications needs for today’s connected lifestyles, we have supported wireless carriers in major technology deployments.  From Public Safety to Fiber-to-the-Home, our team understands the technical, regulatory, and political climate and how to meet industry demands. These services support Intelligent Transportation Systems, Smart Cities applications, and residential and business computing needs that can create change and help communities overcome unique challenges.

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