Complete Communities Group


The Neel-Schaffer Complete Communities Group focuses on developing visions, funding strategies, and implementing solutions.

Our multi-disciplinary group works together to view your projects from every angle, and then to find solutions that always keep the end user in mind.

Neel-Schaffer has an extensive pool of talented engineers, planners, geologists, and environmental services staff across the company. By assembling our best within the CCG collaborative team, we provide a powerful combination of experience and ability to create a one-stop, complete experience to help you transform your town or city into a more livable, walkable, connected community.


Services provided by Neel-Schaffer’s Complete Communities Group include:

Master Planning & Project Visualization

Comprehensive Master Plans, Trail Master Plans, Sidewalk, Bikeway, and Greenway Master Plans, Roadway Connectivity Plans, Funding Strategies, and 3-D Visualization Graphics.

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Redevelopment & Economic Development

Urban Design, Context-Sensitive Design, Brownfield Assessment and Redevelopment, Community Asset Identification and Visioning, Suburban Retrofitting, Economic Development, and Funding Strategies

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Complete Streets

Road Diets, Traffic Calming, Slow Streets, Vision Zero, Protected Bike Lanes, Safety Studies, Parking Studies, and Parking Redevelopment

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Transit Planning with Multi-Modal, Smart Technologies, User Surveys, and Stakeholder Coordination

More on Transit/Multi-modal


Trails, Bikeways & Blueways

Master Planning, Trail and Bikeway Concept Development/Design/Engineering, Blueways, Intermodal Connectivity, and Tailored Public Engagement Strategies

More on Trails, Bikeways & Blueways


School Access & Safety

School Security and Safety, Safe Routes to Schools, Stakeholder Coordination, and Funding Strategies

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Safe & Healthy Communities

Recreation and Parks, Bicycle/Pedestrian-focused Design, Access, Safety, Sustainability, Flooding/Stormwater Planning, and Engineering, Stakeholder Coordination, and Funding Strategies

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Smart Cities/Technology Solutions

GIS, Drone Services, Telecommunications, Community Broadband, Technology Applications for Safer Transportation, and Lighting

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Planning for the Future

Current Trends, Regulatory Changes, and Best Practices Related to Urban Planning and Design, Drone Applications, Grant Opportunities, Multi-Modal Topics, and 3-D Visualization.

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