Neel-Schaffer has some 400 professional and technical employees and offers a wide array of engineering disciplines and services, including civil, structural, hydraulic, geotechnical, environmental, electrical, traffic, transportation, highway, water/wastewater and bridges.


Neel-Schaffer’s engineers and planners are experienced in all phases and modes of transportation system planning, studies, design, and CE&I.

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Neel-Schaffer provides a wide variety of water services, including storage tanks, treatment, conveyance, H&H, and storm water management.

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Neel Schaffer Environmental


From small parks to large industrial complexes or shopping centers, Neel-Schaffer can develop your project from the ground up.

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Environmental Services

Neel-Schaffer has an experienced team of engineers, geologists, and biologists who provide a wide range of turnkey environmental services.

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Neel Schaffer Support Services

Support Services

Neel-Schaffer offers survey and mapping, geotechnical engineering, and emergency management through wholly owned subsidiary companies.

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