Transforming the Dixie Highway


Crowded corridor is vital connector for downtown Louisville

Neel-Schaffer was selected to be part of the planning team that evaluated multimodal opportunities and transit station locations for Louisville Metro’s Transforming Dixie Highway project in Louisville, KY.

The goal of the project is to transform the crowded Dixie Highway corridor from an unsafe and uninviting corridor to a safe pedestrian-friendly facility that incorporates a Bus Rapid Transit System, Intelligent Transportation Systems, and a Complete Streets philosophy to the Dixie Corridor between KY841 and downtown Louisville.

The study in 2017 involved incorporating plans that would support town centers along the corridor.

Neel-Schaffer assisted in defining the route, conducted land use and economic studies and accessibility issues, established transit stop location and types of facilities, evaluated sidewalk needs, and identified locations for park and ride lots, redesigning intersections for safer pedestrian crossings, and working with both policy and funding issues on the corridor.

Neel-Schaffer also worked on the design phase of the project as a subconsultant, developing intersection plans and marking plans.

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