Wastewater Treatment & Collection

From source to storage, treatment, pumping. and conveyance systems, Neel-Schaffer provides innovative designs that employ proven scientific and engineering principles for wastewater treatment and collection.

Our professionals are educated on the current technology developments and regulatory requirements. In the last decade, Neel-Schaffer has designed new wastewater treatment plants in Mississippi for the cities of McComb and Greenwood.

Since our inception, Neel-Schaffer has worked closely with a broad range of utility clients to meet their needs, whether it involves water, wastewater or solid waste. Our experienced team of environmental engineers has the knowledge, skills, tools and relationships to help each client accomplish its goals.

It is a challenge for many clients to secure financing to meet the demands of utility infrastructure management and increasing regulatory requirements. Neel-Schaffer has the experience to assist with projecting life-cycle costs and evaluating rate structures. Our engineers work with each client to create a sound business plan involving the necessary mechanisms to ensure efficient and cost-effective service delivery in the following areas and disciplines:

  • Water supply, treatment, storage and distribution
  • Wastewater collection, transportation and treatment
  • Solid waste and storm water facilities
  • Master planning and CIP development
  • Rate analyses, systems evaluations and permitting assistance
  • Infrastructure management, development, financing and technology
    plus expert services and litigation support

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