Water Resources

Neel-Schaffer is recognized for expertise in all aspects of water resources engineering, including floodplain management, riverine and coastal hydrologic/hydraulic modeling, flood control structure analysis/design, cross drain/bridge hydraulic analysis and design, storm sewer system modeling and calculations, and complex design of municipal storm water infrastructure for drainage improvement and flood reduction projects.

The firm maintains solid, long-standing relationships with many Southeastern cities and communities, including serving as City Engineer and/or Floodplain Manager for multiple cities.  Neel-Schaffer has 11 Certified Floodplain Managers on staff in its Southeastern offices, and each has extensive experience navigating the waters of FEMA compliance, flood damage remediation/mitigation, floodplain permitting, flood hazard mitigation grant applications, floodplain ordinance development, and all aspects of local floodplain program management.  The staff also has extensive experience initiating storm water utilities (i.e. user fees) in communities with enabling legislation, developing and implementing Storm Water Programs, assisting cities with NPDES Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit compliance, and providing expert testimony (see also Storm Water Management).

Neel-Schaffer’s expert engineering team works to plan, model, and design a variety of storm water and flood control structures for water resource projects, employing the disciplines of hydrology, hydraulics, civil, geotechnical, and structural engineering.  We keep complex projects on schedule and within budget, while ensuring local design and aesthetic requirements, as well as environmental requirements, are met.

Contact Neel-Schaffer for:

  • Floodplain management
  • Flood control structures
  • Flood Insurance Studies (New Studies or Study Updates)
  • Flood Map Revisions (CLOMR, LOMR, LOMR-F, LOMA)
  • Flood Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) assistance
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling (steady or unsteady flow, coastal)
  • Regional or local detention analysis and design
  • Reservoirs
  • Dam/spillway analysis and design
  • Dam break analyses
  • Gated/operational control structures
  • Weirs
  • Box culverts
  • Pump stations
  • Revetments
  • Energy dissipation
  • Coastal/Marine structures
  • Storm water master planning
  • Storm water permitting
  • Development of storm water utilities
  • Assisting cities with MS4 permit compliance
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Expert testimony relating to all aspects of storm water litigation


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