SRF Sewer System Improvements


Neel-Schaffer helps to improve sewer system throughout City

As consulting engineers for the City of Laurel, MS, Neel-Schaffer prepared plans, specifications and contract documents for the construction of multi-phase sewer main improvements in multiple locations throughout the City.

Neel-Schaffer analyzed the wastewater system and worked in conjunction with the wastewater operator to identify the most needed areas of improvement. Significant portions of the system were experiencing high amounts of inflow and infiltration which were handled by replacing and/or rehabilitating the sewer lines depending upon which method was determined to be most advantageous to the city in regards to cost, level of disturbance, and condition of the pipe.

Phase I of the project was constructed from 2010-2011 and consisted of replacement of approximately 9,800 LF of 8-, 10-, 12-, 15-, and 18-inch Truss, Terra Cotta, and Concrete pipe with new SDR-26 PVC or Ductile Iron sewer pipe. An additional 19,600 LF of the dilapidated sewer system was rehabilitated with trenchless methods of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) installation. Approximately 58 new sewer manholes were installed, and another 70 manholes were rehabilitated according to cost effectiveness and environmental sensitivity.

Phase II of the project was constructed from 2014-2015 and included similar construction with 15,200 LF of sewer main replacement and 16,200 LF of CIPP rehabilitation. Phase II installed 69 manholes and rehabilitated 83 manholes.

To further assist the City in cutting costs on the project, Neel-Schaffer split the Phase I construction into two contracts. One contract primarily handled the replacement work, while the other contract primarily handled the rehabilitation work, allowing contractors to bid on their primary area of specialty. This resulted in approximately a 20-percent cost savings for the owner over the estimated combined costs of the project. Phase II was let as a single project based on the owner’s preference to create a larger single contract to solicit more quality bidders.

Neel-Schaffer provided construction administration and resident project representatives during the construction phases of all three contracts. Neel-Schaffer is continuing to assist the owner with current planning for approximately $4 million for Phase III SRF sewer improvements.

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