Pine Belt Regional Solid Waste Management Authority


A long and continuing partnership with Pine Belt Landfill

In 1993, Neel-Schaffer began providing engineering services to a group of cities and counties in the Pine Belt area wishing to control their own future in solid waste disposal. Neel-Schaffer developed the solid waste master plan that proposed the idea of a multi-county and city authority for solid waste management, and the Pine Belt Regional Solid Waste Management Authority was formed. Subsequently, Neel-Schaffer performed siting studies and obtained the construction permit for a 60-acre site, one of the first Sub-title “D” municipal landfill facilities in Mississippi. The first landfill cell opened in 1997. Additionally, Neel-Schaffer provided siting, design, and construction services for transfer stations in the Pine Belt area.

Since 1997, Neel-Schaffer has provided all design and construction phase services to the Authority for construction of landfill cells totaling over $8 million in construction costs. As recently as 2014, Neel-Schaffer provided engineering, environmental, and geotechnical services in permitting an expansion of the facility, doubling its capacity. Neel-Schaffer continues to provide technical expertise and design services for leachate treatment facilities, truck scale facilities, maintenance facilities, storm water treatment facilities, NPDES storm water and leachate discharge permitting, updates to the solid waste plan, RFPs for private operation, landfill and transfer station operation plans, transfer station modifications, waste tire management sites, white goods collection sites, special waste management plans, and many other tasks as requested by the Authority.

Neel-Schaffer and the Pine Belt Solid Waste Management Authority have enjoyed a 23-year client/engineer relationship. Since its inception, the Authority has flourished, adding member counties and controlling costs, which have allowed the Authority to maintain the same tipping fee for members for over 10 years. Neel-Schaffer has been with them every step of the way.

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