Sarno Road Landfill


Sarno Road Landfill: Closure Design, Permitting & Construction

As Sarno Road Landfill in Brevard County in Florida neared its capacity and final closure, the county requested Neel-Schaffer to provide engineering services for the design and permitting of the final closure. Debris from the hurricanes of the summer of 2004, combined with construction activity associated with unprecedented development, filled the remaining disposal capacity in the landfill before the new landfill was ready for operations. Neel-Schaffer assisted the county to prepare plans and application for maximizing the remaining capacity of the landfill and coordinated with FDEP to obtain a small expansion of the footprint of the disposal area and relocation of an existing onsite access road, thereby extending the life of the landfill by three years. Neel-Schaffer prepared FDEP application for modification of the Environmental Resource Permit and coordinated with the department to obtain approvals for both permits.

Neel-Schaffer prepared the final grading plan and operation sequencing to enable the operations staff to utilize the permitted capacity more efficiently. Neel-Schaffer coordinated meetings between the county’s engineering and operations staff to review the operations sequencing and discuss the final closure.

Neel-Schaffer prepared an analysis of final cover alternatives, utilizing different barrier layer materials, side slopes, and storm water conveyance together with order of magnitude comparative cost estimates for each alternative. Neel-Schaffer reviewed each alternative with the county staff and presented the results of the geotechnical and stability analysis for each alternative. The County selected the recommended alternative for the final closure veneer. The final closure permit application and plans was prepared for permitting the closure of the side slopes that had reached permitted elevations.

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