Solid Waste

Neel-Schaffer offers a team of highly qualified solid waste engineers with extensive knowledge of state and federal regulations, and a proven record for innovative and cost-effective design of solid waste facilities and local experience to ensure projects are performed correctly and meet or exceed the client’s expectations.

Neel-Schaffer provides solid waste engineering services to local and state governments. We offer management master plans, financing, landfill expansions and closures, landfill gas utilization and compliance, leachate management, landfill drainage, landfill operations plans and sequence, compliance with federal and state permitting, transfer stations planning and design and providing construction engineering and contract administration. We also provide in-house geotechnical engineering and liner materials testing, surveying and other infrastructure engineering services.

Master Planning / Studies

  • Solid waste facility development master planning
  • Five-year capital improvement planning and budgetary cost estimating
  • Landfill and transfer station alternative sites selection studies
  • Solid waste collection franchise studies and contract assistance
  • Solid waste recycling and processing studies
  • Solid waste conversion planning
  • Assistance with request for proposals and operations contracts

Solid Waste Landfill Engineering Design

  • Landfill expansion design and permitting
  • Landfill closure design and permitting
  • Leachate collection and transmission
  • Pre-treatment facility design and permitting
  • Active and passive landfill gas collection system design and permitting
  • Landfill gas-to-energy system design and permitting
  • Landfill storm water management system design and permitting
  • Wetlands impact mitigation and federal permitting

Solid Waste Management Facilities Engineering

  • Household hazardous waste collection center
  • Scale house and landfill facility entrance and internal roads
  • Transfer station facilities design and permitting
  • Solid waste materials recovery and processing facilities
  • Landfill operations sequence plans
  • Leachate recirculation systems
  • Yard waste mulching and composting facilities
  • Vehicle maintenance facilities
  • Administration offices and employee quarters

Financial Services and Cost Estimating

  • Cost of service analysis
  • Rate studies
  • Closure cost estimating and financial responsibility reports
  • Assistance with revenue bond financing and engineering summary reports


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