Yokohama Tire Manufacturing


Huge plant spurs economic development in Clay County

Neel-Schaffer was contracted by the Mississippi Development Authority to provide project and construction management services for the $330 million first phase construction of the Yokohama Rubber Company tire manufacturing plant  near West Point, MS.

Neel-Schaffer also provided both MDA and YTMM testing and inspection services throughout the site, where some 40,000 yards of dirt were moved daily in preparing the pad for construction. An estimated 1.4 million yards of dirt were removed, with some 700,000 yards of select material brought in.

Additionally, Yokohama contracted directly with Neel-Schaffer to provide quality assurance/quality control oversight and testing on soils, concrete, masonry, asphalt, and steel being used in the project, including the concrete pad and steel erection construction of the first building in Phase 1.

Before on-site dirt work began, Neel-Schaffer was involved in the off-site preparation. Working as a subconsultant to Calvert-Spradling Engineers of West Point, Neel-Schaffer completed the environmental assessment and permits for the new roadway entrance to the plant and for the new rail spur to the site. Additionally, Neel-Schaffer assisted the county engineer with plans and design for four bridges, three box culverts, and the geotechnical study for the roadway and the rail spur.

Site work began in early 2014, and Yokohama began making tires at the plant in October 2015. Ultimately, the plant will have 1 million-square-feet under roof, with production, warehouse and operations facilities.

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