Crockett Road Roundabout


Neel-Schaffer helps alleviate congestion at busy intersection

Neel-Schaffer provided a preliminary traffic analysis and then engineering design services for this roundabout that was constructed in 2018 at the intersection of Crockett Road at Green Hill Boulevard and Raintree Parkway in Brentwood.

The intersection experienced excessive congestion during AM and PM peak commuting periods as an all-way stop intersection. City staff desired to investigate if roundabout operation would result in improved operations, as compared to existing and alternative signalized conditions.

Neel-Schaffer conducted initial traffic analysis as a “proof of concept” review and determined more advanced evaluation would be warranted. Neel-Schaffer staff used Synchro and HCS2010 software packages to produce operational and simulation statistics for the analysis.

Based on the recommendations from the traffic operations study, City officials pursued design and construction services for implementation of a single lane modern roundabout. Neel-Schaffer conducted design services addressing right-of-way acquisition, lighting, utility impact, and storm water drainage concerns, and the roundabout was opened to traffic in July 2018.

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