Mississippi State Route 32 Bridge Replacements


Neel-Schaffer delivers designs on time and under budget

Under assignment from a Roadway Design Master Contract with the Mississippi Department of Transportation, Neel-Schaffer provided engineer design services for the development of Phase B Plans (Roadway, Structures and Hydraulics) for the replacement of two bridges (Nos. 7.1 and 1.6) on State Route 32 in Bolivar County, MS.

At the time the contract was initiated, SR 32 was closed near Bridge No. 7.1 due to the condition of the existing bridge. The schedule to get this bridge under contract was of the utmost importance. We were able to develop the plans in a manner that did not require additional right-of-way, which hastened project delivery. Utility relocation was identified early, meaning relocation would not be a constraint to the construction schedule.

The bridge plans, designed using Florida I Beams, were completed on time, which allowed MDOT to award the project in a special letting on April 17, 2018. The construction proceeded without delay and the bridge was opened to traffic in 2018. The plans for Bridge No. 1.6 were designed using Pile Beams. Those plans were also designed in a manner that did not require additional ROW. The roadway and bridge plans were developed on schedule. The second site was let to contract on June 26, 2018, and construction was completed in 2019.

The design was completed 17 percent under budget. Our contract included Mendrop Resources as a subconsultant to assist with Hydraulics. Neel-Schaffer also entered into two other Phase C contracts to assist with shop drawing review and other miscellaneous duties during the construction phase of these two projects.

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