Sports & Recreational

Neel-Schaffer’s engineers understand how stretched for time people are in today’s busy society. That’s why we design parks and similar amenities that are multi-functional, easy to access, and easy to use.

From simple but elegant Harper McCaughan Park in Long Beach (MS), to the multi-functional Columbus (MS) Soccer Complex, to the remarkably beautiful and user-friendly Tuscaloosa (AL) Amphitheater, our engineers design sustainable parks and recreational facilities that serve today’s busy families and will stand the test of time.

Neel-Schaffer engineers can design:

  • Multi-use trails for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Urban parks
  • State parks
  • Federal parks
  • Community pavilions
  • Baseball and softball fields and complexes
  • Multi-purpose recreational facilities
  • Land-use plans
  • Office parks
  • Apartment and townhouse complexes
  • University/college campus facilities
  • Medical corridors
  • Streetscape beautification
  • Urban revitalization
  • Downtown districts
  • Highway beautification




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