Landscape Architecture

The Neel-Schaffer Landscape Architectural group is committed to developing quality outdoor design products through aesthetic and scientific application of site analysis and design.

Neel-Schaffer has earned many awards for innovative ideas in residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and public landscape architecture projects. Site grading, drainage, erosion control, roadways, walkways, bikeways, building layout, retaining walls, site furnishings, lakes, signage and plant materials are all elements considered in the environmental design process. Each material choice is analyzed in terms of aesthetics, cost, maintenance and relevance to the project application and overall design.

Throughout design, we recognize the importance of  working closely with neighborhood leaders, businesses, cities and municipalities and local and state agencies. Neel-Schaffer offers a broad background of services in managing and designing the following project types:

Land Use / Development Master Planning

  • Land use plans
  • Office parks
  • Apartment and townhouse complexes
  • University/college campus design
  • Medical corridors

Bicycle / Pedestrian Master Planning

  • Greenways, bike trails and pedestrian facilities

Park Design

  • Multi-purpose recreational facilities and multi-use city, state and federal parks

Streetscape Design

  • Streetscape beautification
  • Urban revitalization
  • Downtown districts
  • Highway beautification projects


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