Turnkey Site Development Services for C Spire Wireless


Neel-Schaffer + C Spire: A winning team since 2004

Neel-Schaffer’s broad range of capabilities enables the firm to tailor a variety of services to the wireless industry. This flexibility has enabled Neel-Schaffer to provide full turnkey engineering services to C Spire, a major wireless carrier, since 2004.

These services include surveying, environmental, site design, geotechnical, zoning/permitting, and construction support for various site types.  Custom site design is a specialty area. Our depth in structural and building engineering allows us to complete detailed plans for building installations satisfying building owners, permitting officials, and client needs.  We also developed proprietary software to analyze antenna mounts for increased LTE loading on existing mounts.

Neel-Schaffer has completed design for hundreds of LTE overlay sites in Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi.

In 2013, the Neel-Schaffer team completed site walks and overlay drawings for over 300 sites in 60 days while also completing structural analysis, modification design, and rooftop designs for many of these sites.  Additional phases were completed in 2014, with particular emphasis on public venues and universities.  In 2015, our team completed  completed site walks and overlay drawings for over 300 sites in 45 days. We also performed as the Project Manager for Site Acquisition and Design services, managing and self-performing leasing, permitting, zoning, A/E, and approvals.

Work on the LTE network is ongoing, and Neel-Schaffer is assisting with expediting and permitting fiber network deployment to tower sites and to support their world-class ultra-fast “Fiber-to-the-Home” initiative throughout Mississippi.

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