South Nissan I-55 Interchange


Neel-Schaffer helped pave the road to Nissan

The Mississippi Major Economic Impact Authority, a division of the Mississippi Development Authority, selected Neel-Schaffer to provide transportation planning and design services for a new interchange on I-55 south of the Nissan Motor manufacturing plant near Canton.

The first phase of the project involved an analysis of the I-55 corridor between Gluckstadt Road and MS 22, the Nissan Parkway, and Gluckstadt Road and a proposed South Nissan Interchange to be located between Gluckstadt Road and Nissan Parkway. The evaluation included identification of the existing residential and commercial/industrial developments, committed area projects, and future area growth for horizon years 2012 and 2025 (including the Nissan site and suppliers).

The South Nissan Interchange was designed as a partial cloverleaf, with a collector-distributor road, and standard interstate exit/entrance ramps and loops

Loops and a Collector Distribution road were designed because of the amount of heavy trucks servicing the Nissan automotive plant and its suppliers. CD roads allow vehicles to exit the interstate at a high rate of speed and decelerate away from through traffic, thus eliminating speed reduction. A connector allows traffic to flow from the interchange to the Nissan Parkway.

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