Wiggins Multi-Use Path


Transportation Enhancement Funds provide walkable community

Neel-Schaffer was selected to provide design and construction oversight services for a multi-use recreational and pedestrian corridor in the City of Wiggins.

The 3,800-foot corridor starts at the Flint Creek Water Park, continues through the City of Wiggins, and connects to other existing and proposed recreational destinations. Flint Creek Water Park is a 600-acre lake owned by the Pat Harrison Waterway District, attracting 500,000 visitors annually. The park features campsites and cabins, as well as a variety of water sports that include boating, skiing and fishing. From Flint Creek, the pathway continues south through a wooded lot and then takes a turn west and continues to the intersection of 4th Street and Sandhill Drive.

The trail continues to the newly constructed Reynolds Field, which included many upgrades, such as new field lighting and a hybrid Bermuda athletic field turf. Sixty asphalt parking spaces and 30 gravel parking spaces were added, along with new recreational equipment, playground equipment, and a skate park. A ticket booth, concession stand, storage building, restrooms, and large open air pavilion were also added.

The pathway then extends up a wooded hill using “switchbacks” to help path users travel up a steep incline, meeting ADA regulations. The trail continues to the intersection of Madison Avenue and 3rd Street, providing access to Blaylock Park and the new Tot Park, featuring fencing and play equipment suited for young children. The pathway ends at the intersection of 3rd Street and Pine Avenue.

Funding for the $355,000 project came from Transportation Enhancement funds from MDOT. The trail provides for safe pedestrian movement to and from many of the amenities and recreational destinations the City of Wiggins has to offer. This project is part of the City of Wiggins’ commitment to providing a walk-able community for its citizens.

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