Liberty Park Water Well


Tapping into a fresh water supply for growing suburbs

Neel-Schaffer provided design and construction engineering services for a new water well for the City of Madison, a suburb of Jackson. The well is located in the existing Liberty Park athletic complex.

At 1,200 feet deep, the well taps the Sparta aquifer and provides 750 gallons of water per minute and requires no treatment other than the addition of chlorine for disinfection, and fluoride to promote dental health. The new well replaces an older well that provided less desirable water and had ceased to function.

Prior to drilling the new well, a test well was constructed to confirm water quality and quantity. The results indicated that a properly constructed well at this particular site would yield the desired quantity of water that would only require disinfection before connection to the distribution system.

Completed in December 2015, the project included the new well, water lines to connect to the existing water distribution system, access roads, security fencing, security cameras, standby electric power generator and a building to house water treatment and monitoring equipment.

Because the well is located in a heavily used park and immediately adjacent to a cemetery, aesthetics were critical. Decorative fencing was used to secure the site and the treatment building was designed to match the architecture of the existing park facilities. Funding for the project was provided through the Mississippi State Department of Health’s Drinking Water System Improvements Revolving Loan Fund.

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