Lamar Life Building Environmental Investigations


Helping breath new life into an iconic, 95-year-old landmark

Neel-Schaffer provided a variety of environmental investigations in advance of a renovation project at the historic Lamar Life Building in downtown, Jackson, MS.

Built in 1924, the 11-story building is listed on the National Historic Register. The oldest skyscraper in Jackson, it is also the eighth-tallest building in Mississippi’s capital city. The one-time headquarters for the Lamar Life Insurance Company, the building has been home to numerous financial and legal offices through the years but had sat empty for many years until early 2018, when Mattiace Properties began the process of bringing it back to life.

When completed, the re-purposed building will be home to renovated office and retail space, a restaurant, and apartments.

The services provided by Neel-Schaffer prior to renovation included an Asbestos Survey, a Lead-Based Paint Inspection, and a Potable Water Lead Sampling Study.

The Asbestos Survey was performed to comply with the requirements of the regulations applicable to the renovation of a commercial building, and to confirm that all Abestos Containing Materials were removed from the building during prior abatement activities.

The Lead-Based Paint Inspection was performed to comply with regulations applicable to the renovation of a commercial building, and to confirm that any and all lead-based paint had been removed from the building prior abatement activities.

To conduct the Lead Sampling Study, Neel-Schaffer collected drinking water samples for lead analysis from the building. The results confirmed the building’s potable water was below EPA Lead Action Level and ready for occupancy.

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