Mississippi Wireless Information Network Buildout


Motorola, Neel-Schaffer work wirelessly to keep Mississippi public agencies connected

Robust infrastructure is a must for supporting emergency communications among public agencies.  Neel-Schaffer served as the primary site design consultant for the buildout of state-owned infrastructure in the Mississippi Wireless Information Network (MSWIN) enhanced emergency communication project.

Under contract with Motorola, Neel-Schaffer provided turnkey engineering services and construction monitoring for tower site construction, including inspection of foundations, compaction and materials testing, and Megger testing of site grounding systems.Site design included soil resistivity testing and site-specific grounding design following the Motorola R-56 grounding manual and State of Mississippi contract requirements.  Site services included:

  • Boundary and topographic site survey
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • NEPA screening studies and agency consultation
  • Geotechnical studies with resistivity testing
  • Tower and co-location construction drawings
  •  Structural analysis of existing towers
  • Grounding design and testing
  • Rooftop and building installation design
  • Foundation inspection and concrete testing
  •  Inspection of fill placement, grading, and compaction testing
  • Post-construction inspection

Additional Motorola projects include county-wide system upgrades in Rankin County and DeSoto County, both in Mississippi.

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