Walt Disney World Telecom Upgrades


Working for the Mouse: Staying connected at Disney World

In today’s digital world, even Mickey Mouse needs to stay connected.

And so do the thousands of people who visit Mickey and his friends each day at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. That’s why the Walt Disney Company, with the help of Neel-Schaffer and Crown Castle, Inc., upgraded its wireless antenna nodes and WiFi access points in two of the four major theme parks within the iconic vacation destination.

Neel-Schaffer helped install a wireless antenna system that improves communications for visitors and park management technology, and our firm concealed the equipment cleverly throughout the parks to blend with the park setting.

Our team participated in site walks, reviewed technical aspects of the projects, prepared design concepts for antenna concealment and photo simulations, and completed construction installation drawings for antennas and supporting base equipment, including grounding and power/fiber connections. Our team then oversaw inspection of the installation of the sites and WiFi access points concealed in various areas of the popular parks.


At Neel-Schaffer, we know how important it is to stay connected, whether we’re talking to family, working on an important document or just hanging out with the world’s most famous Mouse while vacationing at Walt Disney World.

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