Drone Services

Neel-Schaffer is committed to providing quality services that are cost-efficient and utilize cutting edge technology. Utilizing unmanned aircraft systems manufactured by trusted technology leaders, our highly trained pilots can provide photos and/or videos for a wide variety of uses that can easily be implemented into many design software applications. 

Infrastructure & Development 

  • Bridge Inspections 
  • Dam Inspections 
  • Disaster Management 
  • Erosion Monitoring 
  • Industrial and Operations Inspections 
  • Landfill Assessments 
  • Tower and Structure Inspections 
  • Traffic and Roadway Assessments 

Mapping & Processing 

  • Design Software Implementation 
  • LiDAR Surveying 
  • Orthomosaic 4K Quality Imaging 
  • Photogrammetry for Point Cloud and 3D Mesh of Multiple Projects 
  • Technological Platform Versatility 

Land Use & Real Estate 

  • Advertising 
  • Damage and Condition Assessments 
  • Economic Development 
  • Environmental 
  • Land Surveys 
  • Marketing 
  • Private Development 
  • Progress Monitoring 

Our team maintains a knowledge of and compliance with all state and federal regulations regarding the use of drones.

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