Timberlake Campground Expansion


Camping in Style: Neel-Schaffer upgrades Timberlake

Neel-Schaffer provided design and construction engineering services for the expansion of the Timberlake Campground, a recreational area on the Ross Barnett Reservoir that is operated by the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.

The $1.04 million construction project, completed in fall 2016, provided 27 new nightly rental campsites. The new campsites include full utility hook-ups (water, sanitary sewer, and electricity).

The new campsites feature reinforced concrete parking pads of sufficient size to accommodate most recreational vehicles. Each camp area is large enough to allow for parking for a passenger car or light truck/SUV, as many RV drivers now tow a secondary vehicle.

Asphalt roads provide access to the new pads. The expansion was designed to allow a significant number of the existing trees to remain and provide shade and a more established feel to the expansion. New street lighting has helped produce a safe, secure environment for overnight campers. All electrical circuits were installed underground.

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