Pretty Acres Dog Park and Walking Trail


Going to the dogs: Drainage study leads to park for pooches, path for people

Recreation District No. 1 in St. Tammany Parish contracted with Neel-Schaffer to perform a drainage study and develop a recreation space on a 2.2-acre dry drainage detention pond that serves a 10.8-acre drainage basin consisting primarily of Orchard of St. Tammany Oaks Subdivision.

Three site concepts were developed during schematic design and the District’s board decided to proceed with a concept that included a .75-acre fenced dog park, with a 1,200-foot walking path around the site perimeter above the detention pond area. The dog park has a double gated fenced entry, a concrete pad wash station, and a fountain. Paved parking for 10 vehicles was also provided.

Neel-Schaffer investigated the frequency of flooding that could be expected within the pond, and prepared concept plans and costs for development of the pond as a recreation site to serve the adjacent community.

The drainage study involved the development of a hydrology model of the drainage area served by the dry pond. The pond was designed to meet St. Tammany Parish regulations regarding storm water detention associated with a 25-year return frequency storm event. The Neel-Schaffer hydrology model was used to test the pond performance under more frequent rainfall events.

Two hypothetical storm events were considered in the hydrologic model to simulate the storm water runoff of the drainage area during more frequent, or common, rainfall events. The first modeled storm event considered a rainfall depth of one inch in one hour (typical summer event); and the second storm event considered a rainfall depth of two inches in 24 hours (typical spring or winter event).

The H&H model projected how quickly the pond would drain under these common events, and it documented the feasibility of the project.

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