Georgia DOT FY16 Design-Build Bridge Replacements


11 new ‘Off-System’ stream crossing bridges are now in service

Neel-Schaffer was the lead design firm for a contract to replace 11 bridges via the design-build method at various locations throughout Georgia. Southern Concrete was the contractor.

Neel-Schaffer prepared preliminary plans to help Southern Concrete bid the project, and Neel-Schaffer provided engineering design and construction plans, as well as construction coordination services for each of the 11 new bridges, which were for off-system stream crossings. Other services Neel-Schaffer provided included H&H, survey, detours, roadway approach design, and environmental permitting coordination.

The $20 million project began in August 2016 and the new bridges were all in use by June 2019.

These bridge locations include:

  • Atkinson County: Cogdell Road over Red Bluff Creek
  • Grady County: Old Thomasville Road over Barnetts Creek
  • Tift County: Lower Brookfield Road over New River
  • Ben Hill County: Perry House Road over Willacoochee Creek
  • Ware County: Old Nichols Highway over Hog Creek Tributary
  • Bacon County: Hwy 64 over Little Hurricane Creek
  • Laurens County: New Bethel Church Road over Gum Swamp Creek Tributary
  • Treutlen County: Union Camp Road over Red Bluff Creek
  • Wayne County: Woods Bridge Road over Goose Creek
  • Wheeler County: Snow Hill Road over Ochwalkee Creek
  • Telfair County: Highway 240 over Little Horse Creek

The bridges are Type 1 Mod PSC Beam spans ranging from 40 feet to 55 feet, 6 inches, with bridge lengths ranging from 145 feet to 375 feet. On one of these bridges there is a 63 in Bulb Tee PSC Beam Span that is 125 feet in length. Additionally, we designed bridges with PSC Cored Slab Spans with span lengths ranging from 40 feet to 50 feet, 10 ½ inches, and bridge lengths ranging from 121 feet, 9 inches, to 141 feet, 9 inches; PSC Box Beam Spans with span lengths ranging between 40 feet, 10 ½ inches to 55 feet, 10 ½ inches, and bridge lengths ranging from 146 feet, 9 inches to 151 feet-9 inches; and 12-inch 24-2 Reinforced Deck Spans that are 20 feet in length, and bridge lengths ranging from 120 feet to 340 feet.

The bents for these bridges are PSC Pile Bents, with the exception of the 63 in Bulb Tee PSC Span, which is a 2-Column Concrete Bent on pile footings.

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