Internship Update: ‘The staff at Neel-Schaffer was amazing!’

Behind every successful businessman and businesswoman you are likely to find a host of mentors and maybe one key moment that helped launch a career. Often, that spark was an internship, a chance for a student to work in the “real” world and see how things are done.

At Neel-Schaffer, we take pride in offering internships in a wide variety of disciplines at our 38 offices across the Southeast. This summer, Keith Brignac spent a week interning with Neel-Schaffer through our partnership with the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services Deaf Summer Pre-Transition Camp Program.


From left: Intern Keith Brignac; Engineer Manager Stan Wright, PE; Senior Project Engineer Mark Beyea, PE (standing); and interpreter Lee Williams.


Keith spent the week shadowing various engineers, technicians, and leaders in our firm, in and out of the office. Whether it was flying drones, drawing road design plans, or learning about air quality, Keith received hands-on experience that we hope has made a difference in his life and will spawn a career path.

Denee Smith, the MDRS State Coordinator of Interpreting Services, says we did make an impact.

Wrote Denee:

“The words ‘Thank You’ could never express our gratitude to you and all of the staff at Neel-Schaffer in partnering with us for Keith Brignac’s internship. Every evening he returned with stories of what he did that day. He gained more experience in that one week than he would have ever obtained just attending college. What he learned will help him determine exactly what career path he wants to take.

“The staff at Neel-Schaffer was amazing! You all were warm, open, and willing to take the extra time to give Keith the experience of a lifetime. We can never thank you enough!”

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