Adelaide – ‘A Traditional Neighborhood Development’


Planned walkable, mixed-use subdivision taking shape

As the Engineer of Record, Neel-Schaffer is providing a wide variety of engineering design and consulting services for the Adelaide, a 500-acre planned, traditional neighborhood development in Starkville.

Adelaide is being uniquely designed to look and feel as if it naturally evolved among the rolling hills of Southeast Starkville. It blends residential, commercial, and public spaces with a focus on walkability, beauty, tradition, and a sense of community.

In 2013, after CPLA designed a master plan for the community, Neel-Schaffer provided infrastructure assistance that included general site planning, topographic survey, and utility services. In 2014, Neel-Schaffer helped develop the Claiborne at Adelaide retirement village by serving as the site designer, ensuring that all streetscape, structures, and roads followed traditional neighborhood guidelines.

In 2015, Neel-Schaffer designed Phase 1 of the Adelaide traditional neighborhood development, following guidelines of the master plan. Phase 1 includes 18 residential lots, a neighborhood open space, and a neighborhood post office. Services were provided for site layout, roadways, sidewalks, utilities, and storm water, utilizing context-sensitive features to provide for walkability, narrow pedestrian crossings, and low vehicle speeds.

As of March 2020, construction was underway in Phase 2 of the traditional neighborhood, which will include 33 more lots and additional common space. Phase 3 will soon be under design, adding 44 more lots and more common space.

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