Jamestown Airport Runway and Taxiway Rehabilitation


Neel-Schaffer helped secure funding for this innovative project

Neel-Schaffer was the Engineer of Record for a $6.8 million project to rehabilitate the runway and relocate the taxiways at Jamestown (TN) Municipal Airport.

The scope of work included the major rehabilitation of the existing runway and the relocation of the existing taxiways. Also included were the installation of LED lighting for both runway and taxiway as well as a stand-alone electrical vault. Local officials lobbied for upgrades in an effort to attract businesses and spur economic development.

Neel-Schaffer worked with the airport to prepare and coordinate an application to the FAA for supplemental funding under the Consolidated Appropriations Act, signed by the President in 2018, that resulted in the $6.8 million funding for the project.

Construction began in the fall of 2020 and the runway and taxiway were opened for air traffic in late December 2020.

One interesting aspect of the project was the use of Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) instead of asphalt. The runway was overlaid with a 5-inch-thick layer of PCC on top of the existing asphalt material and the partial parallel taxiway was reconstructed entirely with PCC. This method was chosen to provide a durable, long-lasting pavement in an area that experiences severe freeze/thaw cycles, to which concrete can withstand much better than asphalt. Slag cement was included in the mixture while ensuring the concrete met the specifications outlined by the Federal Aviation Administration
(FAA). In 2020, the airport project won a Slag Cement Project of the Year Award.

The Slag Cement Association (SCA) chose 16 projects around the country to receive 2020 Slag Cement Project of the Year Awards. The awards were distributed in six categories: High Performance, Durability, Innovative Applications, Sustainability, Green Design, and Architectural. The Jamestown project was chosen for an award in the “High Performance” category.

Former Jamestown Mayor Lyndon Baines praised Neel-Schaffer’s work on the project, from the funding assistance to the completion of the project. “The City of Jamestown would like to say a big thank you to Neel-Schaffer’s team for the great work they have done representing the needs of the Jamestown Municipal Airport,” said Mayor Baines. “… These changes for our airport will mean a great deal for our community.”

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