Houston Street Repair and Rehabilitation


Space Center Boulevard receives significant upgrade

Neel-Schaffer provided design and is providing engineering construction management services for the repair and rehabilitation of five thoroughfares in the City of Houston.

The project limits for Space Center Boulevard, a 4-lane, median-divided roadway that operates under heavy volumes and is subject to heavy rain and problematic soil types, included 2.1 miles, from Clear Lake City Boulevard to Bay Area Boulevard. The design for Allen Genoa was performed over 1.1 miles, from Highway 225 to West Southmore.

Design for both roads was initiated in September of 2016 and finished in January 2017. Space Center Boulevard construction was completed in 2017, with an estimated construction cost of $9.8 million. Construction on the Allen Genoa project began in November 2017 and was completed in May 2018.

Two stretches of Fondern Road are also slated for concrete panel replacement, a 1.2-mile stretch between US 59 and Bissonet Street, and a 2.3-mile stretch between US 90 and Hillcroft Avenue. Construction had yet to start as of June 2018 on those projects.

One additional street was designed for rehabilitation and an asphalt overlay, Schurmier Road, a 1.2-mile stretch between Cullen Boulevard and Wayside Drive. This project is part of rapid response initiative undertaken by the City.

The design was completed and submitted in July 2017, with a record turnaround of three weeks from NTP to construction drawings and the cost estimate being submitted to the City. Construction on this phase was started in November 2017, and finished in January 2018.

Neel-Schaffer conducted a condition survey to record field conditions and performed limited geotechnical and survey services. Additional services provided included design sketches over photographs for curb ramps, drawings in plan and profile that showed proposed improvements; pavement striping/ marking plans; cost estimates and summary reports with each work order; RAS services for curb ramp assessment, traffic control plans, construction phase services, coordination meeting attendance, and design modifications during the construction phase.

Some of the issues that will be corrected by the rehabilitation projects include subgrade failure, major pavement distress, faulty construction joints, and spalling.

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