Celina Walks! Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan


Study yields 12 recommendations to improve routes and facilities

Neel-Schaffer was selected to prepare the Celina Walks! Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan for the City of Celina. The project was funded through the Tennessee Department of Health’s Access to Health through Healthy Built Environments Grant.

Elements of the project included purpose and need development, team and stakeholder meetings, visioning session, identifying existing conditions/ conducting needs assessment, review of policies and procedures, and document preparation.

The study resulted in 12 recommendations regarding needed improvements to routes (either along roadways or on separate paths) and facilities that would facilitate bicycle/pedestrian travel throughout the study area. Recommendations include items such as upgrades and improvements to existing pedestrian/bicycle facilities, new pedestrian/bicycle facilities, improved connectivity, operational (e.g. signage, crosswalks, parking improvements to accommodate pedestrian/ bicycle travel, etc.) and street furniture and landscaping additions.

Guidance was prepared that will provide steps that City officials can make to move forward with more in-depth study and implementation of project recommendations, including funding sources and recommendations for improvements that can be quickly implemented.

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