Neel-Schaffer Leadership Transition in Golden Triangle Area Signals Continued Growth Following Merger

JACKSON, Miss. (May 9, 2024) – Neel-Schaffer, Inc., is pleased to announce new leadership roles in our West Point and Starkville (MS) offices, reinforcing our connection with the Golden Triangle area following our merger with Calvert-Spradling Engineers in February 2023.

John Cunningham, PE, will take over as Office Manager in West Point, and William Sanford, PE, will lead our Starkville office.



John’s new role emphasizes Neel-Schaffer’s dedication to leveraging local expertise and building strong relationships in the communities we serve. As a lifelong resident of West Point, John has more than 29 years of experience, having honed his skills as a Project Engineer and Project Manager across a diverse array of projects and disciplines. Since 2019, he has served as a Vice President with the firm and has led our Starkville office since April 2020.

John’s return to West Point carries with it a deep understanding of the local engineering needs. His experience with Neel-Schaffer and Calvert-Spradling uniquely positions him to integrate the strengths of both organizations, guaranteeing a seamless transition for our clients in West Point and the surrounding areas.

Stanley Spradling, PE, PLS, Senior Client Manager for the West Point Office, said: “It’s heartening to see John return to his hometown and the office where his career began. His unwavering commitment to our clients and superior work are key to maintaining the success of our West Point office and the solutions they offer.”

In addition to John’s appointment, Neel-Schaffer is excited to announce an expanded role for William in our Starkville office. With over eight years of experience collaborating closely with the Columbus/Starkville office leadership, he is well-acquainted with the operations of the office and needs of our clients, and he has valuable experience working with community partners. His new role enhances our capacity to drive growth and innovation while maintaining the high-quality service our clients expect.

“Both of these leaders embody our core values of Care, Service, and Excellence,” said Joey Hudnall, PE, Neel-Schaffer’s President and CEO. “Through those values they will provide excellent service while continuing to give back to the communities that not only gave me my start but are near and dear to my heart. I could not be prouder of and for both John and William.”

As Neel-Schaffer looks to the future, John, William, and their teams are committed to continuing the company’s legacy of delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.