Congratulations to Glenn Ledet, Jr., on prestigious Louisiana CPRA appointment

JACKSON, Miss. (February 6, 2024) – Neel-Schaffer would like to congratulate Glenn Ledet Jr., PE, on his recent appointment as Executive Director of Louisiana’s Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA).

With this appointment, made by new Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry, Glenn is embarking on an exciting new chapter in his career after leading Neel-Schaffer’s Water Resources and Coastal Engineering sector for the last five years.

Established in 2005 following Hurricane Katrina, the CPRA is tasked with coordinating the local, state, and federal efforts to protect and restore Louisiana’s fragile coastal shorelines.

The CPRA budget tops $1 billion annually, and for Fiscal Year 2025, the plan is the largest single-year investment to date, with $1.68 billion allotted to the design, engineering, and construction of 121 projects and the ongoing operation, maintenance, and monitoring of an additional 190 completed projects across coastal Louisiana.

“While I am sorry to see Glenn leaving our firm, I am ecstatic that he’s been chosen for such a prestigious role within the state of Louisiana,” said Joey Hudnall, PE, Neel-Schaffer’s President and CEO. “Glenn has significantly contributed to our success, enhancing our team in coastal and hydraulic engineering, as well as securing major projects in this area. We’re grateful for his contributions and wish him all the best in his new role with the CPRA.”

“Glenn has earned this appointment,” added Robert Walker, PE, Neel-Schaffer’s Chief Operating Officer. “His time with us made it clear that he is a leading expert in coastal engineering as well as being a true visionary leader. We’ve been fortunate to benefit from his knowledge and we look forward to working with him on critical CPRA projects.”

Glenn, who joined Neel-Schaffer in 2019 and worked from the Baton Rouge office, has over 17 years of experience, including a prior stint at the CPRA as Engineering Supervisor and Assistant Administrator of the Operations Division. His responsibilities at Neel-Schaffer included driving regional and corporate business growth and overseeing the implementation of coastal and water resources projects.

In a news release from Gov. Landry’s office, Glenn said: “I am thrilled to join Governor Landry’s team, and I’m committed to advancing Coastal Protection and Restoration initiatives across South Louisiana. Together, we’ll shape resilient solutions, fostering environmental sustainability across the coast of our wonderful State.”

Glenn was one of five new appointments made by Gov. Landry on January 31 during a press conference at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, home of the Coastal Center, which conducts scientific research to support the state’s restoration projects.

During the conference, Gov. Landry said this about Glenn: “With his experience in engineering and project management and business development, I believe that he has the ability to focus CPRA in working with the new board in making sure that the projects start, and they’re finished, and they go under budget.”

Glenn is scheduled to assume his new role as CPRA Executive Director on February 14.