Neel-Schaffer welcomes new Project Manager in Biloxi

Neel-Schaffer, Inc., is pleased to announce that Damon Torricelli, PE, has joined the firm as a Project Manager in the Biloxi, Mississippi office, bringing a wealth of knowledge in municipal engineering services.

Torricelli, former City Engineer for the City of Biloxi, has over 26 years of experience in overseeing major projects like infrastructure repairs of water, sewer and drainage lines. He also has experience with overseeing projects that include architectural, geotechnical, and construction services.

“Damon will be a great asset to our organization. He will oversee major infrastructure projects like the Port of Gulfport,” said Steve Twedt, Neel-Schaffer Area Manager for South Mississippi. “His many years as City Engineer for the City of Biloxi will give him the advantage of understanding the needs of our municipal clients.”

Torricelli is a graduate of Mississippi State University, with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering.