Jonathan Duhe, PE

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Jonathan Duhe, PE

Transportation Engineer

Jonathan joined Neel-Schaffer in 2013 and has four years of experience working on a wide range of traffic and transportation projects. 

Prior to joining Neel-Schaffer, Jonathan worked as an engineering intern with LADOTD in the District 61 Design Office.  Since joining Neel-Schaffer, Jonathan has been an integral part of the Traffic Division in the firm’s Baton Rouge (LA) office.  Jonathan’s experience includes performing numerous traffic impact studies, managing data collection efforts, signal design, performing safety analysis, and managing signal timing and implementation studies.

Jonathan holds a PE license in Louisiana and will seek his Professional Traffic Operations Engineer certificate.

Jonathan is experienced in the use of numerous traffic engineering software packages, including HCS, SYNCHRO, VISTRO, Tru-Traffic (TSPPDraft), and SIDRA.

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