Environmental Science

The Neel-Schaffer Environmental Science staff has the skill and experience to complete a wide array of environmentally sound projects. Our company employs a committed team of geologists, environmental engineers and environmental scientists who work to maintain the integrity of our natural, historic and cultural heritage. At Neel-Schaffer, meeting human needs while balancing environmental concerns is a challenge we take seriously.

From transportation to water resources to land development, Neel-Schaffer will work to develop cost-effective solutions in keeping with current environmental policy. Our staff has a working knowledge of regulations as well as excellent working relationships with local, statewide and national regulatory agencies.


Compliance / Permitting Assistance

  • Industrial compliance and permitting.
  • Wetlands delineation and mitigation.
  • Endangered species and plant surveys.
  • Cultural resources.
  • Environmental justice.

Engineering Analysis / Design

  • Geotechnical, environmental and hydro-geological
    engineering analysis and testing.
  • Industrial wastewater process design.
  • Brownfields redevelopment.

Environmental Assessment / Remediation / Management

  • Environmental impacts.
  • Soil and groundwater testing.
  • Underground and aboveground storage tank testing and removal.


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